Bitchy The Clown: low rent, opinionated, politically incorrect, conservative, disgruntled clown from Carny, New Jersey who  runs a low rent talk show from the seediest studio in the city. His guests are the dredges of the industry though he does occasionally land a slumming A or B lister. He  has  an outwardly  caustic, sarcastic and bitter front but he has an innocent and caring side, though it's hard to find underneath that grease paint. He can  actually be lovable. He has a clown doll named Crapface and a Clown in the Box named JackOFF.

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bitchy  the clown elementary in the ceme
bitchy the clown the visitor single art

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I'm Bitchy (Bitchy the Clown)Bitchy the Clown
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Elementary in a CemeteryBitchy the Clown
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The VisitorBitchy the Clown
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