A kids variety comedy series run by the goofy Professor Creepy(c)

and starring some of the most wacky characters ever to come out of the crypt. Set in an eerie freak museum where they  dance and  party into the night, because the rates are cheaper.

Combining elements of American Bandstand, Elvira and

Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

Attached Cast and Director:

Professor Creepy: Martin Klebba

Ghoulster: TBD

Scary Ann: TBD

Scream Queenie: Jennifer Lyons

Also: Michael Berryman, Pat Jankiewicz, Terry Winkless (director)


Pilot airing on the Monster Channel and Roku

Cable and Satellite deal secured, looking for funding

Copyright(c) Dave Shelton. All rights reserved. Registered with the WGAw.

professor creepy cartoon where we rise f

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page and promo

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on Horror Hotel clip on Retro TV


Screen Capture from the 2018 Halloween airing on Around the World in 80 Screams on Roku

Screen Capture from the 2018 Halloween airing interview on Amazon Prime fire's Saturday Fright Theater

Click here for Roku Interview as part of Around the World in 80 Screams on Roku, Halloween night 2018


WBOY TV West Virginia promos and interviews for investors and appearances. October, 2019

Production Stills

copyright(c) Dave Shelton.  All rights reserved.

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