Against Type

Created, WRitten and Directed by Dave Shelton. A family sitcom that is beyond disfunctional but it's all in good fun. Roland Kickinger stars as Jake Stackly, a single father and very goofy fitness trainer to the stars who despite his Mr. Universe physique, is hiding a secret- an obsessive love of sweets. Compound this with a teenaged daughter named Megan, who besides being the more mature factor in the family, and whose one desire is to become a star and will do anything to meet her father's famous clients and you have the making of one riotous adventure after another. Co-starring Jillian Clare, Brian Ceponis and Caitlin EJ Meyer along with Stephen Furst and Jennette McCurdy.

Won several awards and was picked up by NBC TV pilot Showcase airing in multiple markets in 2006.

Now available on Amazon PRIME TV AS OF DECEMBER, 2020.


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