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Snuggy Bear and the T Shirt Kids (TM)

Snuggy Bear and the T-Shirt Kids(c) (tm)

Format: Live action kids TV/DVD variety party. The show is part Banana Splits, part The Monkees, part Scooby Doo, part Shindig and all fun.

Length: ½ hour for Television, streaming, multiple platforms: 1 hour for DVD (includes extra scenes, music, behind the scenes).

Target Audience: Kids 4-9

Log line/Storyline: Snuggy Bear© and his friends, The T-Shirt Kids©, are a group of the coolest and cutest most lovable wacky animals to ever hit the stage. They are a pop/rock band, solve mysteries and enjoy just being kids in a world that needs more fun. The setting is the local amusement park where they hang out at their clubhouse, a place full of amazing gadgets. They have the best fun and put on concerts and are joined by their human friend Katie who helps them solve their mysteries. Meanwhile, a goofy mad scientist, Dr. Cleaver© or Prunella Python©, a just as silly greedy toy shop owner, show up occasionally to create havoc. Every episode has a special guest star whom becomes part of the mystery. The characters wear positive messages on their shirts each episode (eg: It is better to give than receive.). And what else is great is that everyone learns something without realizing it. Snuggy Bear© also gives guest star bands, singing stars and talented kid musicians and singers a chance to perform each episode in their very own segment. Simple and wonderful, this show will leave you with a positive, happy feeling every time.

Cast: Martin Klebba, Kathy Garver, TBD.

copyright(c) and Registered (TM) to Dave Shelton. All Rights Reserved.


Snuggy Bear and the T-Shirt Kids(c) as seen on the Christmas Photo episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, December, 1999.

copyright(c) Dave Shelton.  All rights reserved. Registered with the WGAw.

Snuggy Bear (tm) is registered trademark. No unauthorized use without

written permission by Dave Shelton under penalty of law.

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